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BIOTAMRA is a Belgian family business located in Brussels. We produce, distribute and export Sahara flavours. We serve our customers (retailers, traders, processors and department stores) in Belgium, but also in all other countries of the European Union and beyond.

Passionate about Saharan agriculture, we grow and produce healthy, natural, traditional and tasty organic products. Made from the best dates and olives from southern Algeria. Combining recipes and Belgian food processing know-how.

Our raw materials (dates and olives) are sourced from the best soils of the Algerian Sahara to guarantee the rich taste and flavours in our products.

Our products are locally processed and packaged in Belgium to the highest standards of quality and food hygiene. Using processes that preserve the nutritional benefits and taste, without any added additives (no sugars, no preservatives, no antioxidants, no sulphites, …) and without contact with allergens (gluten, nuts, mustard, lactose, …)

The packaging is done in adapted workshops in Brussels, which is a guarantee of our social commitment.

We favour the most ecological road transport possible, working with eco-friendly transport companies, which enables us to monitor our carbon footprint.

Every year, we plant over 300 additional trees (palm and olive trees) in the Algerian desert. This allows us to contribute to the fight against the desertification of fertile land and to provide work and livelihood to the local population in a region that is isolated from society by distance and harsh climatic conditions.

Our plantations in Algeria are located in a historical oasis: Negrin. It is there that localised and reasoned irrigation is practised in plots where water emerges naturally from the earth. We use solar energy. Our planted plots are not cleared in order to preserve a habitat where thousands of rare insects and animals help maintain a balance of flora and fauna in our oasis.


BIOTAMRA is a Belgian family business founded in 2015 by the Azzouza brothers, Krimo and Slym. Born in Algeria, they have been passionate about Saharan agriculture since childhood, cultivating date palms (Phoenix Dactylifera) of the Deglet Nour cultivar and olive trees of the Ferkani and Chemlal cultivars in their family oasis, thus perpetuating a tradition going back even generations.

In 2007, they returned to the village of their birth (Negrin) and with their father El-Hadi, the three of them worked on a beautiful project of continuity and transmission between generations of an ancestral know-how that has been present in the Azzouza family for seven generations at risk of being forgotten in the village. It is the craft of “master date grower”.


In 2009, Slym and Krimo started to develop their land at the border of the Sahara into a green paradise (oasis), planting 300 date palms and olive trees every year, repeating the same gestures and techniques acquired by their father El Hadi and their uncles Hamza and Salah. Today, their products are completely natural, traditional and based on ancient know-how and are organic-certified.

In 2015, their first harvest of Deglet Nour dates from their village was imported to Belgium and repackaged in small boxes similar to Belgian chocolates. The freshness, softness and taste of their dates are unique and they conquered the fine palates of the people of Belgium. In 2016 and 2017, other products were derived from the date in order to avoid wasting less aesthetic dates. The two brothers developed the “Rob de la datte” (date cream), a divine liquid to sweeten different dishes based on a family recipe, while retaining the taste and nutritional properties of the date.

In 2019, they won the top prize at the prestigious Great Taste Awards in London with their balsamic date cream.
In 2020, the first extra-virgin and organic olive oil from the Sahara was imported into Europe. A very smooth quality oil, singing the centuries of know-how from the region.
Their products have recently been distributed throughout Europe and even as far away as Hong Kong.

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